Paula kerr jarrett first husband

She was strongly resistant to the notion of ever getting married and having children, but is glad she did. She is a strict parent and does the disciplining, much to the dismay of her children, Joshua and Rebecca. Kerr-Jarrett had no plans to read law and started reading politics for her first degree. She was encouraged by tutors in first year to pursue law as her main degree, because of her natural analytical skills and aptitude towards the subject.

However, her passion ended up being business, particularly finance, and so she wishes she had pursued a business degree, at least an MBA. Kerr-Jarrett is determined but impatient, sometimes to a fault.

She hates being kept waiting and hates shopping, so she does most of hers online. She takes exactly 20 minutes to get dressed and apply her make-up it's been timed. She is an avid reader who does not watch television, except as a lullaby to put her to sleep. But she recalls partying her way through London at all the famous nightclubs followed by breakfast at popular Middle Eastern restaurants at 6 a.

This resulted in her having to redo her 'A' levels. Her parents blame it on being misguided by wealthy, spoiled Arabs and aristocratic friends. She saw it as her learning the way of the world.

She has no regrets whatsoever! Kerr-Jarrett has preached, taught and led worship and administered deliverance at church, and developed a love and compassion for all through the training and incredible experience received.

paula kerr jarrett first husband

Some of her best times are spent travelling around the community of Eastern Hanover and conversing with the residents. She says it energises her. It must be love.

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She has a cordon bleu certificate in French cooking and spent a short period in Italy on an intensive History of Art tour, which encouraged a lifelong love for the country and fine arts. This was done as a diversion to the rigours and discipline of university academic life. Kerr-Jarrett is a confirmed tomboy. She never had a doll, much to the dismay of her more 'girlie' sisters.

She never wore a handbag or make-up until the ripe old age of She comes from a line of political activists. Her great grandmother was one of the first females to run as a candidate in the adult suffrage general election. She ran as an Independent candidate in St Catherine. She was also one of the first women to be elected to a parochial board equivalent to parish council todayand one of the first female justices of the peace.

She recently discovered an old news report that singles out her great granduncle as an infamous in those days advocate of equal rights and opportunity for every Jamaican.

Paula Kerr-Jarrett is among a group of post-Independence female professionals who have stepped forward and offered themselves as candidates for representational politics. In the last general election, she contested the Eastern Hanover seat, going up against the seasoned Dr D. Even though many credited her with the ability to pull off an upset, she came up short. However, she has not given up on representational politics, even though there are those who have advised her that she would have been better suited entering the political fray via the Senate.

An attorney-at-law, Kerr-Jarrett is a leading force behind and spearheading many charitable causes. Described as mercurial by some, she blames it on being born in the year of the Fire Horse, which only comes every 60 years. View the discussion thread.

Skip to main content.For the second year, socialite Paula Kerr-Jarrett and her husband, Mark, have succeeded in hosting two parties in one night at their fabulous home in Bellefield, St James.

It is unclear if this is intentional, but the early segment of this annual pre-New Year's Eve soiree is taken over by generation X, who depart by p. Friday, December 29, was no different. In fact, the Kerr-Jarretts added the excitement of synchronised swimming and Hispanic dancers to the entertainment package this year, complemented by Jamaica's 'Superman' and singjay Tarrus Riley and star selector, DJ Bambino.

Riley's anthem, 'She's Royal', had many of the women on fire, with chief executive officer of Island Grill, Thalia Lyn, declaring, "I want to move to Montego Bay," as she became caught up in the moment, and her niece, sexologist Jessica 'Dr Jess' O'Reilly, danced the night away. The two, who fall in the category of 'boomers', were the life of the party, for the second year.

Don't be surprised if they wear the crown in Riley, took the party crowd on a sing-along session, and when he was done, they were still chanting, 'Why, why, tell them that it's human nature'; while Bambino was the right medicine needed to take the diverse group into View the discussion thread.

paula kerr jarrett first husband

Skip to main content. Kerr Jarrett's double party - double the fun. Photo Video. Previous Pause Next. Janet Silvera. Ankit Kripalani, third right home from university overseas for the holidays, with his friends took over the Kerr-Jarrett's pre-New Year Eve party. Dwayne and Serena Innis. Actress Debra Ehrardt right and daughter Jessica. Terry Shoucair and her beau Joe Calvo. Dr Alfred Dawes and his beautiful wife Latoya. Ashley Dabbiere and her husband Alan.With her husband Mark, she is working to promote tourism in Montego Bay.

The couple recently announced a multibillion-dollar project to build 1, homes, a acre technology park slated to bring 30, job to Jamaica, and a new University of the West Indies that would accommodate as many as 10, students.

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Necessary Always Enabled. Non-necessary Non-necessary.The efforts of some who have made this change of expanding the economy are notable. They can be counted amongst the top richest Jamaicans in Kisean Anderson who goes by the name Sean Kingston on stage is a Jamaican-American singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer. He has been working as a record producer and have accumulated riches so as to be included amongst the richest.

His net worth is estimated as 7 million dollars making him one of the richest Jamaicans. He was born on 17th of October and has been active since as one of the renowned singer-songwriter, philanthropist and producer.

His net worth is estimated to be around 10 million dollars, thus including him in the top richest Jamaicans. He is one of the most well-known Jamaican Rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer. He has been active since and have the Grammy award for the best Reggae Album to his name. He has contributed to a handful of associated acts with some of the renowned personalities of the music industry. He owns a net worth which is estimated to be 11 million dollars.

Jimmy Cliff born in 1st April whose real name is James Chambers is a well-known Jamaican Musician, singer and artist.

Kerr Jarrett's double party - double the fun

He has also been awarded with the Order of Merit in which is one of the highest laurels to be awarded by the Jamaican government for contributions in Arts and Sciences making him to be the only living musician with the title to his name. He is still one of the richest Jamaicans with a total worth of 18 million dollars. He has also been awarded with the Order of Distinction Award for his outstanding military services.

His net worth is valued at around 22 million dollars and is the 2nd richest Jamaican Artist in the world. He is the chairman and founder of the Cool Group of companies. The Cool group at present comprises of 50 companies. Initially as an owner of a petrol station, now the Cool brand has extended itself to become a household name. As reported, his net worth as of is estimated to be 15 million dollars. Attorney, philanthropist and a Jamaican leader, Paula Kerr Jarrett hails from a wealthy family and is linked to the prominent Kerr-Jarett family through her husband.

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She has a net worth of 45 million dollars to her name. She is at present involved in the promotion of Montego Bay and has recently launched a project to establish a University, build about homes and a technology park with an area of 48 acre which as estimated will help in employment by opening about jobs.Jamaica has a huge number of extremely talented and versatile artists and business tycoons. In fact there are many Jamaicans who has earned a huge name both regionally and globally due to their marvellous success in career and are really world class.

They are versatile and do promotes their culture through performing and serving for their nation. In a huge number of talented Jamaicans, the name of the top 14 richest people in are as follows:. Anthony Moses Davis or Beenie Man was born on 22 August in Kingston, Jamaica is a Jamaican deejay, songwriter, rapper, producer and dancehall artist who has also being awarded Grammy awards. From a very young age, Bennie was engaged in the music industry.

At the age of only five, he started rapping and toasting. His total net worth is estimated at 3. Born on 15 July in Kingston, Jamaica, Mark Anthony Myrie aka Buju Banton is a Jamaican deejay, dancehall artist and reggae musician who was active from to With recording pop and dance songs, Buju Banton has also recorded many songs that are related to socio-political topics.

He is also a Grammy award-winning artist with a net worth of 4 million dollars. His family later moved to Jamaica for want of more opportunities to provide their children. His first performance as a child was in a church of Jamaica.

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Maxi Priest is now a well known by his stage name Maxi Priest. Maxi is an English reggae singer, vocalist, and songwriter as well. He is well famed for singing reggae music or reggae fusion.

paula kerr jarrett first husband

As of the record ofhe is listed to number five in the list of top 10 richest Jamaican artists in the world. His total net worth is 4. He was only two years old when Bob Marley died. Damian is a famous Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist.

Since the age of thirteen years, Damian is performing his music and has been awarded the Grammy award thrice till date. He has a total net worth of 6 million dollars. Kisean Anderson is popularly known by his stage name Sean Kingston. He was born on February 3,in Miami, Florida. Later his family moved to Kingston, Jamaica.

Jamaican Living Overseas Message To The Jamaican Prime Minister

He is a Jamaican as well as an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. His total net worth is estimated about 7 million dollars, which make him listed among the top richest Jamaican artists in the world. Ziggy is a well famed and versatile Jamaican musician, guitarist, songwriter, Philanthropist, and producer as well.

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He too is awarded the Grammy awards three times till date. Ziggy is one among the top 10 richest Jamaican artists and he has a total net worth of 10 million dollars.

He is a well-famed rapper, musician, singer, songwriter, producer and as well as an actor. As of the recent records ofhe owns a total net worth of 11 million dollars.

He was born on 1 April in Somerton district of Jamaica. He is a famous Jamaican reggae musician, singer, actor and multi-instrumentalist. With a total net worth of 18 million dollars, Jimmy is considered as one of the richest Jamaicans of the world. He is a Jamaican as well as American deejay and reggae singer.Kerr-Jarrett studied at Cheltenham College from to Mark studied at Georgia Institute of Technology from to Kerr-Jarrett studied at the Elms School from to Inhe entered Cheltenham College.

Kerr Jarrett's double party - double the fun

Then inMark began studying at Georgia Institute of Technology, where he studied for two years. Inhe was given an associate degree at Middle Georgia College. Kerr-Jarrett began his career as a mechanical engineer at National Transportation Safety Board in Since he has been a managing director at Barnett Limited. Inhe was appointed an advisory board member at National Works Agency and held the position until Since he has been an advisory board member at Urban Development Corporation.

Kerr-Jarrett was a chairman of St. James Parish Development Committee from to Scuba diving, horseback riding, sailing, skiing. They have three children.

paula kerr jarrett first husband

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Top 14 Richest People in Jamaica

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View map.The lavish affair included a live and silent auction, glamorous attendees, fabulous food, and plenty of dancing—all to benefit the good works of the charity. This is the first time anyone has been honoured by the Charity—and comes by way of special thanks to the Laurens for their longstanding commitment and generosity to Hanover Charities.

Lauren and their family have been an integral part of Hanover Charities for over 30 years. Ralph and Ricky Lauren were being honoured for their contribution to Hanover Charities and Jamaica over the years. They were presented with a water colour of their favourite spot at Round Hill by artist Jeannette Eyles. Former world heavyweight boxing champion, Lennox Lewis, and his wife Violet. Auctioneer Alexander Gilkes, co-founder of Paddle8. The dancefloor heats up at the Sugar Cane Ball.

Round Hill shareholders Alex and Maybelle Lari. Emma Ginley and Joe Pacetti, internationally acclaimed jeweller. Tryall home owners, Mark and Paula Kovinsky. Senator Jill Vogel and her husband Alex Vogel. Round Hill has been a major supporter of the Hanover Charities with its annual Sugar Cane Ball every February since when the charity was founded.

Hanover Charities plays a major role in Hanover Parish and covers a wide range of projects for its citizens from very young to old.

Check In. Check Out. Adults 1 2 3 4. Children 0 1 2 3 4. Stephen and Lise Murphy. Paula Kerr Jarrett and Claire Dwoskin.

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